Video from SME provides robotic systems overview

Industrial Robotics, an addition to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers' Fundamental Manufacturing Processes video series, provides students, designers, engineers, and executive managers with a basic overview of the types of robotic systems that can be implemented in a manufacturing facility.

Viewers will learn about the various robot classifications and their respective work envelopes. The program also explains the axes of motion, end effectors, tools, types of operations, and capabilities.

The programming segment of Industrial Robotics outlines the pros and cons of online versus offline robotic programming, helping users to make an informed decision about which general robotics application might be best for their needs.

The prospective robotics programmer will learn about the cost-effectiveness of using simulation software in developing robotic systems and the utilization and overview of contact and non-contact sensor types used for different applications.

To order, access; phone 800-733-4763 (United States only) or 313-271-1500, ext 4500; or fax 313-425-3401.

TAGS: Fabrication
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