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Versatile chassis for high-cube containers

THIS Flandria container chassis is designed to haul 40-ft standard containers or 40-ft high-cube containers, as well as 30-ft or 20-ft or two 20-ft containers. Hinged blocks shown inboard of the frame rails can swing up to adjust the frame height. Of the 12 twistlocks on the chassis, four of them are hi-lo locks that rise straight up rather than swinging up on a hinge. These are the Jost HVC container locks shown in the up position (left) and down position (right). The wide-set I-beam main rails of the chassis are formed to gently taper inboard at the front of the chassis to fit within the upper coupler tunnel of the container. Flandria Aanhangswagens NV, Grote baan 123, 9170 Waasmunster, Belgium.

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