Vehicle aftermarket sales rise 5.4% in 2004 AAIA finds

United States motor vehicle aftermarket sales increased by 5.4% in 2004 to $257 billion, according to the 2005/2006 Aftermarket Factbook recently published by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA).

Industry growth was led by the medium- and heavy-duty segment, which expanded 7.1% to $66.5 billion. The automotive light-vehicle segment rose 4.8% to $190.5 billion.

The Factbook has tables, charts, analysis, and trends in the United States and international markets covering:

  • Overall size of the automotive (light-duty) aftermarket.

  • Overall size of the heavy duty aftermarket.

  • Key aftermarket segments.

  • DIY and DIFM consumer trends.

  • Vehicle registrations and sales.

  • Vehicle usage statistics and operating costs.

  • Miles driven.

  • Purchases of aftermarket accessories.

  • Sales of automotive chemicals and fluids.

  • State summary statistics.

  • US trade data of motor vehicle parts and accessories.

  • Information on the Chinese and Canadian aftermarkets.

  • Key economic and financial indicators.

  • Guide to aftermarket data resources.

The four-color Factbook is priced at $125 for AAIA members and $225 for non-members. To order, phone 301-654-6664 or order online at Discounts are provided for multiple copies.

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