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Vector unit boosts capacity, cuts fuel use

Featuring next-generation environmental technologies, the new Vector 6600MT hybrid trailer refrigeration unit from Carrier Transicold raises the bar on multi-temperature trailer refrigeration system capacity while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Carrier Transicold introduced the unit at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville KY.

The Vector 6600MT unit provides high refrigeration capacity and delivers up to 20% greater fuel efficiency than its predecessor to reduce carbon emissions. It features high operating efficiencies, reduced maintenance requirements versus conventional belt-drive systems, and an electric standby option for stationary units. Technological enhancements to system components and operating software and a more efficient system design enable higher performance and greater efficiencies than possible with Carrier's first-generation hybrid systems.

Due to the less efficient add-on nature of standby components in a conventional unit, Vector units can deliver up to 85% more cooling capacity in standby mode than a conventional unit.

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