V-Pulse: Volvo's Answer To Meeting 2002 Standards

Volvo Trucks North America Inc announces V-Pulse engine technology, its response to meeting diesel emissions standards that take effect in October 2002. All Volvo trucks equipped with Volvo Power that are ordered by fourth-quarter 2002 will use V-Pulse technology.

Most domestic manufacturers of heavy-duty diesel engines will apply some form of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technology to meet 2002 emissions standards. The challenge has been to devise a way to recirculate exhaust back into the engine without compromising fuel efficiency, weight, and performance.

While working with EGR technology, Volvo has retained its existing engine platform without the need for aftertreatment, by developing V-Pulse. The technology uses pressure pulses created by the exhaust valves, then recirculates up to 30% of exhaust through the V-Pulse cooler and back into the inlet. By using high-pressure, modulating unit injectors, clean and efficient combustion is achieved.

V-Pulse will be supported by the company's Prism program that provides diagnostic and repair support services integrated with the electronics of all Volvo trucks.

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