US Liner again produces Integral Wall

“US Liner manufactured the first-ever Integral Wall in 2001, and at the urging of our loyal customer base is proud to announce the new Versitex Integral Wall,” said Michael LaRocco, president/chief executive officer of USLCO. “They are available direct with no middleman.”

Dr Tom Chu, vice-president of research and development, said, “US Liner's new Integral Wall uses tried and proven heat welding procedures to provide unparalleled weld joint integrity. Our state of the art Instron testing machine found that the integrated Versitex VR2 is unable to be separated from the Versitex scuff without the substrate being actually damaged. The USLCO bond strength is 25 times that of the current Ultra-Sonic welded product on the market.”

USLCO was the first company to bring high-impact glass reinforced thermoplastic materials to the trucking market. It has changed the way OEMs view traditional materials like wood, steel, aluminum, and FRP and now are replacing them as standard offerings over traditional materials.

USLCO has evolved to be a leading composite materials science company using research with real-world application to develop materials that make products simply last longer. As such, the firm has refined the attributes of:

  • Layer orientation

  • Glass chemistry, fiber size, and diameter; bundle size

  • Lamination process — consolidation and pressures achieved

  • Polymer matrix

  • Additives

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