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US light-truck sales shift into high gear

As light trucks are poised to outsell passenger cars in the United States for the third consecutive year, the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) offers its new study, The US Light Truck Aftermarket: The Impact of Growing Pickup, SUV, and Minivan Sales.

Based on sales figures for the first five months of 2003, light trucks account for more than half of new vehicle sales. In May alone, light-truck sales increased more than 13% over May 2002, according to Ward's AutoInfoBank, due partly to the decline in oil prices after the war in Iraq.

The study contains additional information on:

  • Size of the light-truck aftermarket.

  • Sales data for each light-truck type, sub-type, and model.

  • Historical and current registration data.

  • Miles of travel, fuel consumption, and operating costs.

  • Replacement rates for specific maintenance and service jobs for each light-vehicle segment.

  • Forecasts of the size and contribution of light trucks to the light-vehicle aftermarket.

For more information, phone 301-654-6664. Price of the study is $295 for AAIA members and $595 for non-members.

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