U.S. EPA commends Mack Trucks for greenhouse gas reduction success

Mack Trucks Inc. was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the company's success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout its operations. Mack was honored by EPA at the annual Climate Leaders Partners Meeting in Chicago IL.

In 2004, as part of the Climate Leaders program, Mack pledged to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its operations by 20% per unit produced by 2010, using 2003 as a base. As a result of implementing energy efficiency projects, in 2007 Mack not only met, but also exceeded its reduction goal three years ahead of the 2010 target date.

From 2003 to 2007, Mack reduced GHG emissions by 32% per unit built and, during that time, achieved a 25% reduction in total GHG emissions. A major focus for Mack was improving energy efficiency at its manufacturing operations: the Hagerstown MD Powertrain plant; Macungie PA Assembly Operation; and Middletown PA Remanufacturing Center.

Mack's manufacturing plants undertook a variety of energy efficiency-related projects, including: installing more efficient lighting; upgrading boilers to natural gas, biodiesel, and other vegetable-based oils; installing building automation systems to control lighting and HVAC systems; installing heat recovery systems on paint booth ovens; and replacing old equipment and tools with more energy-efficient versions.

The firm recently announced that it would continue its commitment as a Climate Leaders Program Partner by pledging to reduce emissions an additional 12% per unit produced through 2012. Mack is also exploring additional clean energy generation technologies and continued deployment of energy efficiency projects across the company.

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