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UQM system to power hybrid bus

UQM Technologies Inc, a developer of alternative energy technologies, announced that its newly introduced 150-kilowatt permanent magnet propulsion motor will power a fuel cell hybrid electric bus being developed by Mobile Energy Solutions LLC of Golden CO with funding under the Federal Transit Administration's National Fuel Cell Bus Program.

This 35-foot-long bus features a proprietary all-composite body manufactured by Martin Marietta Composites and two 16-kw automotive fuel cells from Hydrogenics Inc. Batteries that are six inches high are incorporated in the floor, enabling a low floor design. Combined with the absence of an engine compartment, this allows passenger seating for 37, equal to a conventional 40-ft bus. The vehicle incorporates a battery dominant plug-in hybrid power system. This provides much of the vehicle's power from batteries, which are recharged by being plugged into the electric power grid at night.

Additional energy is provided to the batteries during operation from the onboard fuel cell auxiliary power system, which generates supplemental power to extend the range of the vehicle. The bus has been designed to accept auxiliary power units other than fuel cells, such as an internal combustion engine generator fueled by hydrogen, propane, compressed natural gas, or biodiesel.

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