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UPS to add 1,800 Sprinters

DaimlerChrysler Vans LLC has announced that UPS will add 1,800 Sprinter vans to its U.S. fleet. The first delivery of 400 Sprinters is expected by year-end, and the remainder will be delivered by March 2003. Last year, nine Sprinter delivery vehicles were delivered and put through extensive testing by UPS as part of a one-year pilot program."We're extremely pleased to work with UPS to incorporate the Sprinter into its U.S. fleet," said Tim A. Reuss, president & CEO of DaimlerChrysler Vans. He continued, "Sprinter's unique attributes are a good fit for UPS and were particularly appealing to the company's carriers, especially those who operated high mileage routes. Reuss added that UPS took driver comfort, reduced overall emissions, fuel efficiency, handling and safety features into consideration when it chose the Sprinter.

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