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Updated literature details Bimba products

Bimba Mfg Co provides an all-stainless steel repairable original line cylinder in two bore sizes: 3/4" and 11/16" a 1½"-bore model will be introduced soon.

Using Bimba's bell ring construction, this cylinder design offers repairability without the need of hand tools by securing the cylinder body to the rod guide with a knurled, threaded nut. Each bore size comes in either a front nose or a universal (rear-pivot or double-end) mounting style. These models are designed for the food processing, medical, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Three new Pneu-Turn rotary actuator options are available. A three-position option allows the Pneu-Turn to be stopped at a third position, dependent on which ports are energized. The third position is rigid and uses standard directional valves to accomplish. A low-temperature option, Option-N, allows operation of the Pneu-Turn down to temperatures of -40° F. An internal flow control option, Option-Q, allows for speed control using an internal flow control device that saves space and avoids tampering.

Catalog NPB-303 includes these products. For more information, contact Bimba, PO Box 68, Monee IL 60449; phone 708-534-8544; fax 708-235-2014.

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