University study highlights hybrid program

An economic case study by researchers at Stanford University Graduate School of Business highlights efforts by Freightliner LLC, Eaton Corp, and FedEx Express to build a fleet of delivery vans powered by environmentally friendly diesel-electric hybrids.

This case study, published earlier in 2006, details the history of FedEx Express's partnership with Freightliner LLC, Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp, and Eaton Corp — key developers of the hybrid E700 FedEx Express truck. FedEx Express chose these companies to build the high-tech delivery vehicles in 2002.

The study charts the history of the E700's development and suggests a strong future for the technology. In fact, the study says FedEx believes the E700 could eventually replace the 30,000 W700 medium-duty trucks in the next 10 years.

For additional information, the number of the study is “SI82” and the complete title is FedEx and Environmental Defense: Building a Hybrid Delivery Fleet.

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