United States construction equipment exports continue to improve, according to AEM figures

United States construction equipment exports continued to improve in 2003 with the industry shipping more than $1.86 billion worth of machinery to global markets during the second quarter of this year, a 13.2% increase compared with the first quarter and a 12.6% gain over April — June 2002 figures, according to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).

While exports improved during the second quarter, the construction equipment manufacturing industry's trade deficit worsened, with a trade imbalance of $214 million of imports over exports for April — June, compared with a deficit of $64 million for first-quarter 2003.

Exports of construction equipment to South American markets totaled $170 million for second-quarter 2003, a 20.6% increase over the previous quarter and a gain of 4.3% compared with second-quarter 2002 totals. Construction machinery exports to Central America for second-quarter 2003 were $181 million, an 18.4% gain versus first-quarter 2003 and a 12.3% jump compared with its purchases a year ago.

Asia took delivery of $224 million of construction equipment in second-quarter 2003, a 9.2% decline compared with the previous quarter and a 14.5% decline versus second-quarter 2002.

Exports to Canada totaled $726.5 million for the second quarter of 2003, a 23.7% increase over the previous quarter, and a 28.6% gain compared with second-quarter 2002. Exports to Europe totaled $369 million, a gain of 11.5% over first quarter 2003 and an 18.5% increase compared with 2002.

Africa took delivery of $89 million worth of construction equipment during April — June 2003, a gain of 48.3% over the previous quarter and a 35.3% increase compared with second-quarter 2002. Australia/Oceania markets declined 18% versus the first quarter with purchases of $104 million, which was also 18.2% lower than its construction equipment purchases for second-quarter 2002.

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