Uniroyal Laredo HD/H Tire Resists Flats

The Uniroyal Laredo HD/H (heavy-duty/highway) with NailGard is a flat-resistant tire for commercial light trucks. The NailGard tire contains a patented rubber sealant that lines the interior of the tire tread. It is designed to seal instantly and permanently 90% of tread punctures 3/16" or less.

The Laredo HD/H with NailGard tire costs about $20 per tire more than the standard Laredo HD/H commercial light-truck tire, and is backed by the same 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty. Both Laredo HD/H lines are available in 10 sizes for Class 1-3 vehicles and some Class 4-5 vehicles.

As a nail - or any object 3/16" or less in diameter - punctures the tire tread, it is coated with NailGard sealant, preventing air loss. When the nail is removed, air pressure pushes the NailGard sealant into the hole in the tread. The tire is instantly and permanently sealed. If the Laredo HD/H with NailGard tire should fail to seal a tread puncture 3/16" or less in diameter during the first 50% of legal treadwear, Uniroyal will replace the tire free of charge.

Both tires feature polyester carcass plies to absorb impact and carry the load, as well as extra sidewall rubber to increase resistance to curbing. The all-season tread design uses lateral grooves and sipes to provide biting edges in slippery conditions. Circumferential grooves channel water or slush from under the footprint to maximize contact and grip in inclement weather.

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