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UAW rejects new agreements with Volvo Trucks North America

Volvo Trucks North America, Inc., announced that employees represented by the United Auto Workers rejected two of three tentative labor agreements covering approximately 2,800 members of UAW Local #2069 at the New River Valley, VA, plant.

Volvo Trucks North America and the UAW have agreed that the plant will continue to operate under the terms of the agreements that expired on February 1, 2005, as negotiations on new contracts continue.

The union rejected a tentative "universal" agreement covering issues common to both salaried and hourly workers at the plant, and a tentative local agreement covering just hourly workers. A separate local agreement covering only the plant's approximately 190 salaried workers was approved.

Negotiations began on December 6, 2004, and the negotiating teams reached tentative agreements, subject to ratification by the local bargaining units, on February 1, 2005.

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