U-Series Crane Folds, Stores Inside Bumper

The new Western Mule U-Series bumper crane comes in three models available for mounting on service bodies, flatbeds, and cube vans with a width of 80" to 102".

These electric-powered, remote-controlled cranes come with lifting capacities to 2,500 pounds. A Class 4 factory-installed receiver hitch for towing is standard on the bumper. Cranes fold and store in the bumper, which is also used as a step.

Two grip-strut steps provide safe, secure access to the rear of the vehicle. The open grip strut serrated design eliminates accumulation of snow and mud. An aluminum diamondplate cover provides a secondary step, as well as a weather cover for the crane. Three identification lights are standard.

Options include integration of a swivel vise mount at the corner of the bumper. The mount swivels and locks at 90 increments. A rear-mounted winch offers pulling capacity to 8,000 pounds. Taillights, backup lights, and a lower enclosure to protect the crane from mud and snow are also available.

The crane is OSHA-approved and certifiable as a man-lift for confined-space rescue. A 12-position rotation lock and a second vise mount can be added at the opposite end of the bumper. A removable crank-down outrigger is available.

Twelve additional models with lifting capacities from 750 to 2,000 pounds are offered for pickups (mid- and full-size), vans, service bodies, flatbeds, and cube vans.

All Western Mule cranes are warranted for one year from date of purchase against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. For full information, contact D & S Sales, 1510 Merced St, Fresno CA 93706.

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