Two Styles of Ball Mounts Offered by Draw-Tite

Draw-Tite offers two new styles of ball mounts.

The adjustable ball mount with sway control tab allows the use of sway control without weight distribution products. It is rated at 6,000 GTW (gross trailer weight), 600 TW (tongue weight), and incorporates a platform that mounts for left- or right-hand sway control attachment. It also features a 2" × 2" shank that is 7¾" long and may be used in the drop or rise position, with a maximum rise of 3¾" and drop of 5¼".

Multiple-ball ball mounts are rated up to 6,000 GTW, 600 TW, and include a large hitch ball mounted in a rise position. They feature a 2" shank with a 3"-wide ball platform and are available in a range of sizes. The first multiple-ball ball mount includes a 1⅞" ball and a 2" ball and is 10" long with a maximum rise of 3/4" and a drop of 2". The second ball mount includes a 1⅞" ball and a 25/16" ball. The third ball mount includes a 2" ball and a 25/16" ball. All three ball mounts possess the same measurements in length, maximum rise, and drop. For full details, phone Draw-Tite at 800-521-0510.

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