Two new wreckers join Independent line

Jerr-Dan Towing & Recovery Technologies has unveiled its newest heavy-duty wrecker, the HDL 1000 Series, 50-ton plus, Independent. The company also has redesigned its 55-ton heavy-duty wrecker, now available as a 60-ton model and designated the HDL 1200 Series, 60-ton plus, Independent.

With the HDL 1000 Series, towers can choose from options including recovery booms, winches, underlifts, and bodies/storage cabinets. This 50-ton wrecker, like all Jeff-Dan medium- and heavy-duty models, includes the firm's patented, corrosion-resistant aluminum and composite body, which also comes in various tool and storage cabinet configurations.

The HDL 1100/530 55-ton — the flagship of the Jerr-Dan heavy-duty wrecker fleet — has been redesigned and renamed the HDL 1200 Series, 60-ton plus, Independent. A 120,000-lb-capacity two-stage stick boom creates the foundation for the 60-ton plus. It is provided with two models of underlifts, several winch and cable combinations, and the same array of body and tool cabinet combinations found on the 50-ton plus.

For complete details, contact Jerr-Dan, 1080 Hykes Rd, Greencastle PA 17225.

TAGS: Truck Bodies
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