Twin-bridge project doesn't daunt Rogers

When faced with the task of hauling more than a thousand 100-ton pre-cast bridge segments on a steep downgrade to build twin bridges across the Susquehanna River, Edward Kraemer and Sons Inc looked to Rogers Brothers Corp. Rogers built two trailers that could stand up to the challenge for 1½ years of continuous service. The trailers also needed to be economical and resaleable when the job was completed.

The size of each bridge piece, 57 feet long by 13 feet wide and 8.5 feet high, was a major factor in the design of the trailer. Rogers engineers designed a five-axle, 100-ton-capacity fixed gooseneck trailer with air-lift suspension on the fifth axle and spring walking beam suspension on the first four axles.

Deck size of the trailers is 35 feet by 10 feet with pullout outriggers to handle the extra width of the bridge segments. Mainbeams and side beams fabricated with 100,000-psi materials provide strength and durability.

For more information, contact Rogers Brothers, Albion PA.

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