TTMA Releases New, Revised Publications

The Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association (TTMA) Engineering Committee has announced the release of these publications:

New and Revised Recommended Practices:

  • RP 4-00 Truck Trailer Landing Gear (Screw Type), revised Oct 2, 2000. Originally issued July 1966. Provides a suggested hole pattern for trailer landing gear mounting brackets, crank handle location, and landing gear strength rating. $27.

  • RP 99-00 Van Trailer Sliding Undercarriage Body Rail, issued Oct 2, 2000. Establishes dimensions for a trailer body rail on van trailers that will allow for the interchange of sliding undercarriages of various manufacture. Does not recommend the material for the body rail. $27.

Revised Technical Bulletin:

  • TB Number 71 Fifthwheel Pick-Up Ramps, revised Oct 2, 2000. Originally issued as Recommended Practice Number 8 — June 1964. Establishes a guide for the design of truck-tractor pick-up ramps to prevent damage to trailers. $30.

The TTMA Tank Conference Engineering Committee has released these publications:

Revised Recommended Practice:

  • RP 45-00 Vapor Collection for MC 306 and DOT 406 Cargo Tanks, revised Oct 2, 2000. Originally issued June 1974. Establishes recommendations for vapor collection systems to be used with MC 306 and DOT 406 cargo tanks which are bottom loaded. $33.

To order, contact the TTMA, 1020 Princess St, Alexandria VA 22314-2247.

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