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TTMA issues publications for industry

The Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association (TTMA) Engineering Committee has announced the release of these publications:

Revised Recommended Practices

  • RP 4-03 Truck Trailer Landing Gear (Screw Type). Revised September 2003 — Provides a suggested hole pattern for trailer landing gear mounting brackets, crank handle location, and landing gear strength rating. $27.

  • RP 39-03 Method for Determining GAWR and GVWR for Truck Trailer Certification. Revised September 2003 — This RP describes a method for determining the gross axle weight rating (GAWR) based on load-carrying capacity of the axle/wheel assembly components and the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) based on a uniformly distributed payload. Also describes a method for determining the GAWR and GVWR for the certification label prescribed by Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 567 (49 CFR 567). $53.

  • RP 56-03 Trailer Vehicle Identification Number. Revised September 2003 — This RP describes the Vehicle Identification Number that must be placed on trailers according to 49 CFR 565. A sample VIN code format is shown, but other code formats may be equally acceptable. This RP references relevant provisions of NHTSA's regulation in parentheses. The RP also addresses trailers used in commercial service of which at least one axle has a GAWR of 10,000 pounds or more. $60.

  • RP 88-03 Air Suspension Application Data. Revised September 2003 — Describes the information required by air suspension and/or axle manufacturers from the trailer manufacturers to prevent misapplication. $30.

Reissued Technical Bulletin

  • TB #88 Broken Wood Floorboard Repair. Reissued September 2003 — Provides guidelines for repairing broken floorboards in trailers when the floor construction is of wood and is supported by and fastened directly through crossmembers. $23.

The TTMA Tank Conference has issued these publications:

New and Reissued Technical Bulletins

  • TB #80 Specification Cargo Tank Vehicle Usage. Reissued September 2003 — Suggests accepted operating procedures in the proper usage of MC306, MC307, MC312, DOT406, DOT407, and DOT412 cargo tank motor vehicles. $10.

  • TB #121 Inspection of Unwetted Circumferential Seam Welds, in a Self-Supporting Cargo Tank Motor Vehicle Where External Visual Inspection is Precluded. Issued April 2003 — Provides guidance for inspection of circumferential seam welds within the connecting structure joining multiple cargo tanks where, in a self-supporting cargo tank motor vehicle, external visual inspection is precluded by insulation, jacketing, doubler bands, etc per FMCSA. $45.

For more details, phone TTMA at 703-549-3010.

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