TruckSim vehicle dynamic simulation software

Mechanical Simulation Corp's newest technology, TruckSim 5, allows engineers to conduct critical tests in the laboratory and off the track.

Engineers use TruckSim in design, development, testing, and planning activities for heavy-duty vehicles with dual wheels, asymmetric steering systems, multiple axles, and single or multiple trailers. Features of TruckSim 5 include:

  • The vehicle and its properties are defined by parameters (and tables for non-linear properties) that are well-defined and measurable.

  • More than 100 data screens and associated libraries are included in TruckSim's graphical database.

  • The program includes self-contained math solver modules, along with MATLAB/Simulink plug-in modules.

  • Real-time math models allow TruckSim to run on target computers with real-time operating systems such as QNX or RT Linux.

For more information, contact Mechanical Simulation Corp, Ann Arbor MI.

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