Trucking associations rounding up volunteers

Volunteers are needed to bring emergency supplies into Manhattan and carry debris out. Truck groups are reporting that drivers have been selflessly agreeing to help rescue efforts in New York City.

Jim Runk, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association, said he has compiled a list of members who were willing to donate drivers and equipment for the World Trade Center cleanup. He said he is submitting that list to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Runk said his list includes haulers, drivers, dump trucks, flatbeds, storage containers and refrigerated trucks for food.

Mike Riley, president of Motor Transport Association. of Connecticut, said he sent a fax requesting members to volunteer equipment and personnel.

“We got dozens of responses even from small fleets that are up against it themselves," Riley said, adding that about 40 companies responded with pledges of truckers, dump trucks, construction equipment and reefers.

Riley said he will send a complete list to the Connecticut DOT.

The lobbying group said it is keeping a list of volunteers who are available to help when assistance is needed.

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