Truck Side Advertising Goes Short-Term

As the concept of turning commercial trucks into rolling billboards grows, different types of applications are being formulated. On the one hand, long-term advertising campaigns lasting several months are looking to trucks to spread their messages to the general public mostly in densely populated metropolitan areas.

On the other, new markets are springing up for short-term truck side advertising rentals as a way to promote products and companies at special one-time events, such as baseball games and trade shows.

"We're looking at the ability to turn around a short-term, special event advertising campaign in five to six weeks," said Eric Feinberg, president of AdverTrailers Inc, a Boca Raton FL company that specializes in truck side advertising.

The service, called AdverCharters, is priced between $8,000 to $10,000 for both advertisement and vehicle. That includes cost of designing the advertisement, printing it out on specialized material from 3M, and the rental fee for both a truck and driver, said Feinberg.

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