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Truck Lobbies Merge to Support Higher Weight Limit

Two lobbying groups supporting efforts to raise the federal weight limit on commercial trucks –the Coalition for Transportation Productivity (CTP) and the Americans for Safe and Efficient Transportation (ASET) – are merging under the CTP nameplate. CTP represents a group of more than 160 shippers and allied associations, while ASET represented 40 new shippers, carriers and organizations.

The newly expanded CTP plans to continue promoting passage of the Safe and Efficient Transportation Act – or SETA (H.R. 1799 / S. 3705)-- which would permit states to set interstate weight limits of up to 97,000 lbs. That would be above the current 80,000-lb limit-- but only for trucks equipped with six axles instead of the typical five.

“ASET is proud to be part of CTP,” said Walter Bay, chairman of ASET and president & CEO of Tandem Transport. “Our united effort, combined with strong bipartisan support in the House and Senate, positions SETA to finally move forward in the next Congress.”

ASET’s former executive director, Jake Jacoby, is moving on to a new position as vp with the Truck Renting & Leasing Association (TRALA). John Runyan remains as CTP’s current executive director.

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