Truck-Lite offers New Product Supplement

Truck-Lite has released its 2012 New Product Supplement, a complement to its full-line product catalog. This new 10-page brochure nicely illustrates 50 recently indtroduced lighting products and accessories.

The inside front cover of the supplement details Truck-Lite's LED forward lighting offering with beam pattern illustrations, accompanied by comparison photos. In addition to LED headlamps, the brochure contains information on 4" and 7" LED auxiliary products, snowplow kits, perimeter lamp, Sky-Lite, 36 Series Flex-Lite LED marker clearance products, and CSA roadside repair kit.

With a layout similar to the traditional catalog, the brochure offers high-resolution photos of each product, accompanied by dimensional drawings, parts numbers, and product descriptions. Features, benefits, technical specifications, and recommended accessories are provided.

The 2012 New Product Supplement can be downloaded or a hard copy can be requested online at

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