Truck-Lite launches CSA training program

Are you confident that your lighting and harness system is compliant with CSA (Compliance, Safety & Accountability) and will not fail you? Truck-Lite has released a multi-faceted training program titled “For CSA, Choose Wisely — Choose Truck-Lite“.

Truck-Lite will be releasing a series of training materials that will help in making the right lighting choices. Some of the materials will include a CSA and lighting brochure with FMCSA regulations, a dedicated website with frequently asked CSA lighting questions, and onsite customer training materials.

In the meantime, Truck-Lite recommends the three areas to consider:

  1. Upgrade to its Lifetime LED lighting and wiring systems whenever possible.

  2. Make a pre-trip inspection of equipment mandatory, and don't leave the yard without it. If you don't have a Truck-Lite light check kit, be sure to do a walkaround to double-check the function of lighting before heading out. Perhaps even clean the rear lighting with a soft cloth to make sure it will be as visible as possible.

  3. Carry a Truck-Lite Roadside Repair Kit (Part # 97392) in every vehicle for those times when roadside replacements are necessary. The repair kit includes three LED lights and the necessary tools in a vinyl zippered 12" × 8½" bag to do those emergency repairs.

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