Truck equipment update

Truck equipment update

A summary of announcements from key press conferences and interviews at The Work Truck Show. Watch for the April edition of Trailer-Body Builders for more on the show.

New liftgates from Buyers Products

Buyers Products introduced a line of liftgates at the Work Truck Show 2010. Buyers’ liftgates feature a 12VDC electric-hydraulic power unit with built-in pressure relief. The current offering includes one-piece or two-piece (extended) platforms for late model pickup trucks and service bodies.The diamond tread steel platform has a 40” floor-to-ground travel height with a 1,300 lb. capacity. It folds down for simple dock and forklift loading. A durable black powder coat finish resists corrosion and rust. The liftgates are made in the USA.

Buyers Products unveils liquid spray system

Buyers Products introduced a hitch-mounted liquid spray system designed to fit six- or eight-ft pickup boxes. The SaltDogg spray system features a reinforced 335 gallon in-bed polymer bladder that can be rolled-up for storage when not in use. “This is a nice alternative to a bulky tank that occupies your bed whether full or empty,” said Dan Doerr, director of new product development.A hitch-mounted stainless steel spray bar with adjustable nozzles covers 1-3 lanes. The 12 VDC pump will dispense up to seven gallons per minute, and 50 gallons per lane mile.An in-cab on/off controller is standard. An optional controller offers variable controls including blast and ground speed functions. Another optional accessory is a 3/8” x 50’ hose reel with adjustable hand-held spray nozzle, which is ideal for sidewalks, bus shelters and other hard to reach areas.The company also introduced an auger-driven salt/sand tailgate spreader, the TGS07, for spreading a variety of materials. A patent pending receiver tube mounting frame allows for horizontal and vertical adjustment. The poly hopper has a capacity of 11 cubic feet; 825 lbs. and is designed for ¾-ton to 1-ton trucks. A patent pending dual-shaft gear motor powers the 9” poly spinner and standard heavy-duty vibrator.The TGS07 will be available through distributors in July 2010.

Snowplow spreads its wings

Buyers Products introduced a SnowDogg Expanding Wing Snowplow that can be expanded hydraulically on the fly. With 10 feet of plow in an eight-foot package, operators are able plow large areas, then quickly reduce the plow width with the push of a button.SnowDogg snowplows feature stainless-steel moldboards; 70° attack angle, heavy-duty power unit, and patent pending quick mount system.

Parker Chelsea Unveils new PTOs

Parker Chelsea introduced several new power take-offs, all designed to make installation simpler and more cost-effective.The 248 Series PTO is designed specifically for the 2011 Ford Super Duty trucks. This truck features Ford’s new Torque Shift 6 automatic transmission with an engine-driven gear. The combination of the Chelsea 248 Series and the new Ford Transmission provides a torque capacity of 200 lb-ft. Matched with a wide selection of pump sizes designed to provide maximum clearance, this PTO and pump package provides ease of installation through a single hose connection and an integrated cartridge valve and pressure switch. The new 238 Series PTO is designed to fit directly to the eight-bolt opening on the transmission, eliminating the need for an adapter plate. The new unit features four output speed ratios for broad coverage and 12 output options that allow either remote or direct mounting of a variety of driven devices. Its patented shaft brake option is ideal for product pump applications. The new 238 series will have torque capacities up to 250 lb ft.The new 897 Series PTO is designed for refuse trucks, fire apparatus, and pumper cleaner trucks. Torsional vibrations from today’s diesel engines that prematurely wear out mating PTO and pump splines, and the large physical size of the pumps used on these applications have always made a challenging application on these work trucks. The 897 series is designed with these challenges in mind, providing maximum clearance, along with a wet-spline system to lubricate the mating PTO and pump shafts for extended shaft life. The 897 is available with five speed ratios and eight output options that cover a wide range of applications.

Parker Chelsea New Electronic Overspeed Control

Parker Chelsea introduced its next generation of electronic overspeed controls (EOC) for the company’s Powershift PTOs. This shift option is used to protect auxiliary power equipment such as hydraulic pumps, generators and product pumps by insuring that the driven equipment operates within the operating limits required for varying applications. The new EOC is smaller in size than the original version, greatly simplifying installation within the cab of the truck. No special tools, computers or equipment is required to set the high and low operating limits.

Chelsea introduces rotatable pump flanges

Chelsea has added a rotatable wet spline for the company’s 277 and 278 series PTOs. The ability to index the output flange of the PTO 360 degrees helps maximize pump clearance between the transmission and frame rails where space is always at a premium. Torsional vibrations from today’s diesel engines prematurely wear out the mating shafts between the PTO and pump. The wet spline output option helps provide extended shaft life.

Hendrickson unveils steerable lift axles

Hendrickson used The Work Truck Show to launch a series of Composilite steerable compliant lift axles designed to reduce tare weight and minimize package space.The Composilite SC series consists of 10,000-lb, 13,500-lb, and 20,000-lb versions. The heart of the steering system is a patent-pending flexible tie-rod assembly and dampening system. The tie-rod is made of spring steel the flexes to withstand the longitudinal and vertical loads and yet spring back into position. Hendrickson plans to introduce a full line of Composilite suspensions in 2010, including models for standard trucks, trailers, and roll-offs. The company also will introduce reverse-steer and high-lift steer models.

New crane from Liftmoore

Liftmoore Inc, Houston TX, has introduced the LA-6K crane, a 6,500-ft-lb crane that includes a 2,000-lb winch with planetary gear drive, remote pendant control, and optional wireless control. The hydraulically elevated boom folds vertically and elevates to 75 degrees.

Distributor unveils production software

Drake Scruggs Equipment, a truck equipment distributor in Springfield, Illinois, has developed a software package for truck equipment distributors and other industry companies.The quoting and tracking system can interface with QuickBooks. It can keep track of multiple pricing and labor rates in addition to compiling and accessing a database of information regarding components and quotes for easy retrieval. Existing data can be cut and pasted to speed the process for producing new quote. The new quotes can then be e-mailed within the production system.

Sno-Way introduces 29R snowplow

Sno-Way followed up last year’s NTEA New Product Innovation Award with a supplement to the plow that won that award. The 29R Series has the same basic features as the MegaBlad “Revolution” plow, but it is designed to fit on a three-quarter-ton truck. The 29R Series shares commercial plow platform features, including high-strength e-coated steel moldboard, A-frame construction, DownPressure hydraulic system, and hydraulically adjustable wings.

New dump bodies from Swenson

Swenson Spreader, known primarily as a spreader manufacturer, introduced several new products, including a line of dump bodies, electric V-box spreader, and anti-icing equipment. The company also reintroduced a slip-in dump body for pickus.The dump bodies are built without side braces and crossmembers. They are offered with underbody hoist, optional air-operated tailgate, 24" cab shield, one-piece sides made of 10-gauge steel, one-piece seven-gauge floor, and LED lights. They are available with inside lengths of 9-15 feet and side heights of 28-48".The electric V-box spreader operates directly off the truck’s electrical system, leaving the truck’s hydraulic system intact. It is offered with 56-inch sides and 10-ft, 12-ft, and 14-ft lengths. Capacities range from 6.5 to 9.5 cubic yards. Features include variable speed controller, 40-foot spread pattern, 1/2-hp electric motor, and stainless steel spinner.Swenson Anti-Icers have a tank design that fits between the wheel wells of the vehicle and cab. They are available in 100 to 400 gallon capacities and come equipped with five adjustable nozzles with three spray patterns for each, jet tank agitation, and wireless controls.

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