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TRP produces new line of truck alternators

TRP Aftermarket Parts has introduced a line of alternators for all makes of medium- to heavy-duty trucks.

Designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications, all TRP alternators are rated for the higher temperatures found in newer engines that meet 2007 and 2010 EPA emission standards, up to 105° C or 221° F.

TRP has the RE022 brush series of alternators that offer 150 amps of power and a one-year warranty and the RE 555 brush series of alternators, providing 160 amps an a one-year warranty. The company also has the RE035 and RE036 series of brushless alternators. The RE035 provides 140 amps of power and a three-year warranty, and the FE036 has 170 amps of power and a three-year warranty. TRP's line of brushless alternators also offer remote sensing capability, which can help compensate for cable voltage drop through accurate voltage readings and further extend truck battery service life.

These alternators are available in the United States and Canada at authorized Kenworth and Peterbilt dealers. For more information, visit
Circle #200 on Reader Service Card

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