Travis Body & Trailer appoints dealers

Travis Body & Trailer Inc of Houston TX is pleased to announce the appointment of Superstition Trailers of Mesa AZ as an independent dealer. Superstition, which will represent Travis in the entire state of Arizona, specializes in bottom-dump, end-dump, and lowboy trailers. The name “Superstition” was taken from the Superstition Mountain range east of the Phoenix metro area. For customer service, phone 480-461-0657 or visit

Travis also has named Fleet Equipment LLC of Memphis TN as an independent dealer. Fleet Equipment will represent Travis in western Tennessee, eastern Arkansas, extreme southeast Missouri, extreme northern Mississippi, and the northwestern corner of Alabama. Its parts stock encompasses virtually every part for any make or model of trailer; and the service operation is fully staffed by experienced technicians. Phone 901-322-3181 or visit for customer service.

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