Transporte, Autobus Exhibitions Scheduled

Transporte 2001, the third international exhibition of cargo autotransport technology and equipment; and Autobus 2001, the second international exhibition of passenger transport technology and equipment, will be held April 18-21, 2001, at Centro Costa Salguero in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sponsoring Transporte 2001 are FADEEAC (Argentine Federation of Transport Cargo Companies), WAS (Argentine Chamber of Manufacturers of Trailers and Semitrailers), ADEFA (Association of Auto Manufacturers), and CATAC (Argentine Confederation of Autotransport Cargo). Autobus 2001 is presented by FATAP (Argentine Federation of Automotive Transport of Passengers).

Transporte and Autobus 2001 are exhibitions by Expotrade SA. For information, phone 54-11-4778-7070; fax 54-11-4778-7171; e-mail either [email protected] or [email protected]; or access or

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