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Transcraft redesigns combo dropdeck trailer

The Transcraft D-Eagle aluminum/steel combo dropdeck trailer was introduced in October 2000 with similar features and lightweight advantages of the Transcraft Eagle flatbed. Now the company has increased the trailer's strength and enhanced its styling.

The previous wheel pan design required a reduced floor capacity over the tires and side rail. This area has been replaced by a more efficient reinforced floor section and a continuous side rail for an improved look and structural performance. The new design eliminates bolted connections in the lower deck.

A new side rail drop section strengthens the lower deck's front support while providing flexibility needed to move freely under heavy loads.

The D-Eagle is standard in 48- and 53-ft lengths and 96" or 102" widths with other lengths available upon request. Beam capacity is 60,000 pounds in 10 feet and 55,000 pounds in 4 feet. A 48 ft by 102" with 121" air-ride spread configuration of the D-Eagle with standard options weighs about 10,120 pounds.

For full details, contact Transcraft, Anna IL.

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