Transcraft adds beavertail level-deck option

Beavertail ramp systems on the Transcraft drop-deck trailers, DTL 2100 and DTL 3000, now come standard with the level-deck option. With this option, the beavertail ramp system can be loaded all the way to the end of the trailer with the addition of four-by-four timbers. These two models are designed to haul heavy equipment payloads at lower fuel costs.

These beavertails have adjustable ramps that allow the user to place them the full width of the trailer for loading wider equipment or slide them inward to accommodate machinery with narrow wheelbases. A spring-assisted lift package is standard to help the user lift and lower the ramps for loading.

The normal-duty trailer DTL 2100 is designed for handling heavy equipment with a hauling capacity of 55,000 pounds in 10 feet or 50,000 pounds in four feet. The extreme-duty DTL 3000 heavy hauler is designed for the heaviest equipment. It has the capacity to handle 85,000 pounds in 10 feet or 80,000 pounds in four feet. For full details, contact Transcraft, PO Box 500, Anna IL 62906.
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