Training Program for VIS-Check Machine

ACOFAS will host a Spring Training program May 13-14 at the Truckaline Suspension Center in Altoona, Wisconsin, focusing on Undercarriage Diagnostics utilizing the VIS-Check Machine.

VIS-Check is a machine that will check the brakes, steering and suspension of heavy trucks, then provide a safety and efficiency print out report. This is an advanced training program that will make an experienced tech a better user of the VIS-Check system, but will also be an introduction for the service tech-shop manager and/or shop owner who wants to learn more about the use and operation of this high-tech piece of equipment.

More local and state governments are using diagnostic brake testing equipment set up on interstate weight stations/inspection houses nationwide.

The VIS-Check machine makes performing undercarriage diagnostics safer by reducing manual labor, faster by automating brake testing, traceable by producing an inspection report and more accurate by improving inspection methods.

To participate, contact Gordon Botts at 815-338-0594 or [email protected]

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