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Trailer transports aid to hurricane victims

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recently took delivery of a AK Specialty Vehicles expandable trailer designed to provide assistance for victims of the recent spate of hurricanes that have stuck Florida and the northern Gulf Coast.

Among the features of the trailer:

  • Two expanding sections approx. 39"-0" long, 6'-0" deep and 7'-0" tall

  • Approximate interior floor space of 850 sq ft

  • 10 tons of air conditioning

  • Onboard generator power

  • A 2000-lb hydraulic lift, glass entry doors, and a reception center at the rear of the trailer.

  • Multiple data and phone connectivity

  • Video projection capabilities

  • Ample work space for guest agencies

Given the magnitude of the need, the project was placed into service quickly. However, FEMA plans additional upgrades after the immediate needs of the hurricane victims have been met.

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