Trailer Orders Rebound in November

Total trailer orders were 27,919 in November according to data releasted by A.C.T. -- up 14% year-over-year after being down 19% in October, and well above the 20,000-22,000 forecast made by Bear Stearns.

Dry van orders were 17,916 in November (vs. 9,466 in October), up 39% year-over-year (vs. down 22% year-over-year in October). Flatbed orders were 1,899 in November (vs. 2,628 in October), down 31% year-over-year (vs. down 2% year-over-year in October).

Dry van builds were 13,358 in November, , up 14% year-over-year (vs. up 18% year-over-year in October). Total trailer backlog-to-build ratios deteriorated 5% year-over-year in November to 5.2x (vs. down 10% year-over-year in October). Dry van backlog-to-build deteriorated 5% year-over-year November to 4.3x (vs. down 17% year-over-year October).

Cancellations year-to-date remained “healthy” in November, according to Bear Stearns.Total trailer cancellation rates of 1.8% in November, improved 270bp year-over-year (vs. 20bp year-over-year deterioration in October). Dry van cancellations of 0.7% in November, improved 180bp year-over-year (vs. 120bp year-over-year deterioration in October). Since May 2005, cancellations remains at historically low-end levels yielding a firm backlog.

Dry van inventories continue to increase--8,179 in November (vs. 7,408 in October), up 70% year-over-year (vs. up 62% year-over-year in October). Dry van inventories are now up more than 2,900 units, or 56%, from the end of the third quarter.

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