Traffic cone machine lowers worker danger

Centreville Manufacturing introduces the AutoCone 500 truck-mounted traffic cone machine. The unit holds 500 cones in a rotary drum and is equipped with a robotic arm that grips cones and places them on the road. After lane closure is completed, the same arm will pick up and stack the cones back into the rotary drum.

The truck was developed to remove the risk of workers walking on a roadway or riding on the back of a truck while performing this work. Only the truck's driver is needed to place and pick up cones, and the driver remains safe in the cab. The machine can be operated from both passenger and driver sides, and in forward or reverse travel. It will pick up standing cones or ones that have been knocked over.

The base machine is designed to fit in one 20-foot ISO shipping container, and is CE-certified for export to Europe. The base machine can be mounted on a variety of 19,500-lb GVWR cab and chassis without the need to modify the truck.

Visit to view video of the machine in operation, or contact Ryan Severs at 410-758-1333.

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