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Tool charts five years of intermodal trends

The Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) has launched a new intermodal data product that helps industry analysts track and evaluate intermodal trends. IANA's Five-Year Data File of Industry Activity is a source for analyzing the past 60 continuous months of intermodal data — critical industry data used to compile each quarterly issue of Intermodal Market Trends & Statistics.

This statistical tool allows its intermodal data to be quickly extracted and manipulated for statistical analyses and data point determinations. Data segmentation is provided in Microsoft Excel files. These files enable analysts to integrate this data with their own business processes, as well as chart and graph individual data fields for use in strategic and capital investment planning.

The report provides rail statistics including: movements by equipment size; key corridor activity; traffic flows between regions (including Canada and Mexico); detailed information on select key corridor lanes; and movements segmented by various equipment types, sizes, and ownership. Comparisons of prior months' and prior years' activities are also measured.

Costs for this analysis tool are: current Intermodal Market Trends & Statistics subscribers, $2,500; IANA members, $3,750; and, non-members, $5,000. For additional details, visit the IANA website at

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