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Tommy Gate railgate can lift 3,000 pounds

Tommy Gate has announced the release of an all-new 3,000-lb-capacity, high-cycle railgate for stake and van bodies. An extension of Tommy Gate's product line of railgates, this new lift is the first the firm has produced at the 3,000-lb-capacity level.

Tommy Gate's engineers designed this railgate for applications performing high numbers of lifting cycles during daily use. These “high-cycle” requirements have called for the inclusion of quality components such as machined steel rollers, dual-sealed ball bearings, hardenedsteel pulleys, and composite bushings. Incorporating these materials has created a steadier lifting action and reduced maintenance.

The rail is being offered with these standard features:

  • Class-exclusive safety trip bar provides additional operator protection.

  • Self-close and auto-open cam arm creates hands-free platform open and closure.

  • Steel rollers ensure consistency of motion.

  • 12-inch platform taper eases transition from ground to platform.

  • Three-light, incandescent light kit is included.

More than three years of design, development, and testing has been completed on the project, including 14 months of intensive field testing.

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