TLC Trucks/El Paso Great Dane named newest East dealer

TLC Trucks & El Paso Great Dane has been named a franchise dealer for East Manufacturing. In business since 1999, the company serves the west Texas and southern New Mexico market.

“We decided to partner with East because we wanted to offer a great product to our customers,” said Lang Crawford, president/owner of the company, which has grown to 18 employees. “We believe we are the first in the area to offer the East product line, and we’re proud to be the first.”

TLC Trucks/El Paso Great Dane will focus primarily on the East flatbed trailer line, but will also sell East accessories.

The El Paso dealership is located at 8600 Desert S. Blvd., Anthony, TX, and can be reached toll free at (866) 886-5566, or locally at (915) 886-5566. Visit the company Web site at

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