Titan delivers walking-floor trailer to UK

Titan Trailers Inc has delivered its first walking-floor trailer to the United Kingdom.

Southern Waste Ltd, the new Titan dealer in the UK, took delivery of the 13.6-meter (44'-6") aluminum Thinwall trailer after it was demonstrated at the recent Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition in Birmingham, England. The trailer was then sold and put into service with a waste haulage business in Surrey.

Steve Naughton, owner of the dealership, says the Titan trailer attracts attention anywhere it goes. “People can see right off it's not just another plank-side (smooth-side) trailer; they haven't seen anything like it anywhere in Europe. With the panels running long-ways on the trailer instead of upright, it's visibly different. Then when they look closer, they can see how strong it's built.”

Naughton says the strength and light weight of the Thinwall solves familiar problems for English haulage companies. “This trailer is two tons lighter than any competitive trailers we have,” he says. “We have a 44,000-kg (96,800-lb) limit on six axles, and 25 tons is considered a good load. Here, we separate waste into light and heavy material, so they started building bigger steel trailers to carry larger waste loads, but then we got into weight penalties with the heavy material. With the Titan, we can put on loads up to 120 yards and 27 tons.”

For more information, contact Titan, R R #3, Delhi, Ontario, Canada N4B 2W6.
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