TIP launches Mobile Maintenance Service

Transport International Pool (TIP), a subsidiary of GE Capital, has introduced TIP Mobile Maintenance Services, a new outsourcing program that provides comprehensive maintenance services for fleet-owned or leased trailers.

TIP said it can now repair trailer equipment at customer sites via fully equipped service trucks staffed by mechanics. TIP said its mobile maintenance service is designed to help fleets improve productivity, reduce operating costs and decrease trailer downtime.

“We’re always looking for opportunities to provide fleet operators with useful solutions,” said Chris Hines, president, TIP North America. “TIP Mobile Maintenance Services is another example of the value-added products that TIP offers to meet the changing needs of our customers.”

With a staff of expert repair technicians, TIP Mobile Maintenance can provide a variety of services, ranging from minor brake adjustments and inspections to major trailer repairs. Maintenance is available on-site through a mobile service that travels from TIP locations.

A fleet of service-trucks offer on-site light- to medium-duty repairs, electrical work and preventative maintenance such as the replacement of brakes, tires, panel sections and lights. The trucks are equipped with a variety of supplies, including a compressor and welder, light testers, tools and spare tires.

To meet the procedures and requirements of fleet operators, TIP said it will offer flexible, customized contract terms and standardized pricing for this service. The pricing structure includes nationwide, hourly labor rates and standard costs for common maintenance items.

TIP, based in Devon, PA, maintains a fleet of over 300,000 units at 300 locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe.

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