Timken adds 454-Series hub rebuild kits

The Timken Company has launched an expanded line of Set-Right heavy-duty hub rebuild kits. The 454-Series of bearings incorporates a special design to accommodate the 2" offset loads found in many new axle designs. The combination of highly engineered raceway profiles and surface finishes provide optimal performance. The 454-Series bearing technology combined with the precision of the new Set-Right kits makes it easier for fleets to maintain consistency in their installation procedures for preset wheel ends.

With the availability of the 454-Serieskit, traditional Set-Right kits, and MileMate matched sets, Timken provides fleets with bearing options to serve all wheel-end configurations, including wide-singles and preset varieties. Recent testing demonstrated that Timken's tapered roller bearings deliver seven times more bearing life in heavy-duty applications.

Visit www.timken.com for more information.
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