Thin is in at Vanguard National

A NEW thin-wall dry-freight van, the first trailer designed from scratch by Vanguard National Trailer Corporation, was unveiled at a special press event January 20 in Monticello, Indiana.

Initial Vanguard trailers incorporated elements of HPA Monon designs, the company whose selected assets Vanguard acquired in the summer of 2003. The new VIP MaxCube, however, was engineered entirely by Vanguard National personnel.

The VIP (Vanguard Interior Post) MaxCube uses a specially formed side post that provides increased side strength for the sidewalls while simultaneously securing the interior liner panels.

The profile of the side post can be altered to accept a variety of liner materials, including plywood and composites, according to Mark Roush, director of engineering. The MaxCube that Vanguard debuted was lined with a thermoplastic panel shaped specifically for the trailer manufacturer by U S Liner. The Dymondply panels are designed to snap into place between two side posts. A special tool, which will be made available to repair shops, has been designed to speed the process.

The design provides a 101-inch inside width.

“Inside, there are no snag points,” says Richard Dessimoz, president. “We've developed a specially designed sidewall structure.”

The post design provides up to 50% more rigidity, according to Richard Tarpley, director of sales.

Among the features that Vanguard offers as standard equipment on the MaxCube:

  • Extensive use of galvanized steel. Components using galvanized steel include the rear frame and gussets, rear impact guard, landing gear mounting brackets and cross bracing, coupler front apron, and mudflap brackets.

  • An interior that measures 101 inches wide and 110 inches high.

  • Pre-coated laminated oak flooring

  • Logistics posts on 16-inch centers

  • Extruded aluminum front corner

  • Five posts in the front wall

  • LED lights

  • 5/16-inch thick upper coupler plate.

Vanguard also announced changes to its VIP 4000 dry-freight trailer. The VIP 4000 (4,000 cubic feet) has an inch less interior width than the MaxCube, yet it shares many of the other specifications, including 110-inch interior height, galvanized steel components, and five posts in the front wall.

Orders for the MaxCube are being accepted now through the company and its North American network of dealers.

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