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Thermo King has new SB-30 reefer units

Responding to requests for more solutions to help reduce fuel expense, lower operating costs, and simplify driver involvement with refrigeration units, Thermo King announced the new SB-30 series refrigeration units, including:

  • An enhanced fuel filtration system that is expected to save the average 500-vehicle fleet $100,000 in annual fuel-related maintenance expenses.

  • A new SR-3 controller that allows data transfer directly from the trailer via a built-in USB flash drive port, saving the average fleet as much as 180 hours of in-service time versus traditional data transfer.

  • A new ultrasonic fuel sensor for more accurate fuel readings, reducing out-of-fuel shutdowns and decreasing load loss claims.

SB-30 series enhancements in June 2011 will include:

  • A new evaporator blower assembly expected to lower fuel costs up to 7% while reducing required run time.

  • Integrated wireless technology that provides options for users to track and control their refrigerated fleets via Thermo King or third-party telematics.

Visit for further details.
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