TerraPro Cabover tackles hard duties, yet driver functions in comfort zone

Mack Trucks Inc has introduced the TerraPro Cabover model heavy-duty truck. An evolution of the company's MR model, the TerraPro Cabover is optimized for demanding refuse and construction applications.

Features of the TerraPro Cabover interior include:

  • Steering column positioned for ample belly room

  • Ergonomic seats

  • Integrated armrest

  • Easy-to-read gauges and easy-to-reach switches

  • Accelerator and brake pedals suspended above the cab floor and mounted in-line to reduce driver effort

  • HVAC climate control system

  • Easy-to-reach parking brake

  • Cab lighting controls reachable from the ground

  • Plenty of storage

The TerraPro Cabover offers a smooth, quiet ride thanks to the design of its engine mounts, cab bushings and rubber isolators, and electronically controlled fan — all of which minimize noise and vibration on the job.

This vehicle's low-profile electronic dash enhances visibility while incorporating driver information displays. The instrument cluster features 25 indicator lights and an automatic transmission temperature gauge. Electronic gauges improve accuracy and reliability while eliminating oil lines and most air lines from the gauge cluster. An engine hour meter that features a wake-up display when the ignition is off is included as well. A battery backup protects information stored in the engine control systems.

The TerraPro Cabover model features the next generation of Mack's Vehicle Management and Control System — V-MAC IV. This system offers more than 100 proven programmable features, and adds new items including road speed tamper detection, integrated starter protection, and programmable daytime running light override. V-MAC IV electronics include DataMax, advanced software that captures information such as vehicle trip histories, duty cycle information, and scheduled maintenance intervals.

E-mail Lori Heleva at [email protected] for more information.

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