Ten percent weight reduction for CompositTrailer

The all-composite, live-floor bulk hauler from CompositTrailer in Belgium was the winner of the 2002 European Road Transport innovation award. CompositTrailer returned this year with a second generation trailer that weighs 10% less than last year's model.

Weight of the new model is 6000 kg (13,230 lb). This includes a 13.6 meter (45 ft) trailer, composite chassis frame, composite T-slat floor (30 moving slats), and composite side protection that hinges up out of the way to service tires. Only the axles, landing gear, kingpin, and floor drive unit are of steel.

One of the improvements is a continuous hinge for the rear doors. This hinge is a composition of woven fiberglass mats. The hinge is fully sealed and is maintenance-free. In production, it is easier to apply and, if damaged, is easily repaired.

The side walls also are new. They are made of Acrosoma sandwich panels having glass fiber outer layers strengthened by Z-fibers joined to each other transversely through the foam. The three-dimensional fiber structure makes the panel stronger although light in weight.

CompositTrailer now has 13 of these live floor bulk haulers on the road — seven of the original design and six of the new lightweight version. CompositTrailer, Wolfsakker 2, B-9160 Lokeren, Belgium.

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