Tank rollover video has Spanish subtitles

The National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) is offering free access to the cargo tank rollover prevention video it developed with the US Department of Transportation with Spanish subtitles added.

The video focuses on the causes of tank truck rollovers and what actions the driver can take to prevent rollovers. It features tank truck equipment and comments from professional tank truck drivers. Thousands of copies of the original video have been distributed throughout North America, and the video can be downloaded from Department of Transportation websites or from the NTTC website.

To view the rollover prevention video with Spanish subtitles, visit www.tanktruck.org and click on “news and links.” There also is a link to the original video on the website. Contact NTTC for a free copy of the video that can be reproduced.

For more information, contact John Conley at 703-838-1960 or e-mail [email protected].

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