Tag-along insulated cargo trailers produced

After retrofitting many standard, non-insulated cargo trailers The Frank Siviglia Co decided to start from the ground up.

“We felt we could engineer in more flexibility and give our customers more configurations in the end if we had total control over the process, beginning with the CAD drawings,” says Nick Siviglia Jr, company president.

“The retrofits were shells originally designed for non-insulation specs,” says Siviglia, “and when you added the structural members, the insulation itself, and throw on a reefer unit, they left little cargo capacity according to their ratings. It was time to build a Siviglia-quality trailer we could insulate and finish with our Van Shield lining, and stand behind.”

A seamless, insulated lining package, Van Shield keeps all forms of refrigerated transportation cold and fully compliant with HACCP goals and food handling practices. Thus the first, made-in-New York, 12-foot tag-along insulated trailers were born. Most importantly, the tag-alongs can be pulled behind a SUV or pickup and do not require a commercial driver license.

For more details, contact Van Shield, 520 Casanova St, Bronx NY.

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