System provides remote voltage control

Miller Electric Mfg Co introduces the XMT Weld Cable Control (WCC) system: the matching of an XMT 350 or XMT 456 multiprocess welding inverter with a voltage-sensing SuitCase X-TREME WCC wire feeder and a WCC. This MIG/Flux Cored welding system allows welders in the construction and shipbuilding industries — who often work more than 100 feet away from the welding power source — to adjust voltage settings at the point of use. This improves productivity and safety while eliminating expensive control cables that are prone to damage in an industrial setting.

Welders had two options prior to the XMT WCC system: walk all the way back to the power source to adjust voltage, or use a SuitCase RC feeder connected to the power source through a 14-pin connection and a long control cable, which is prone to damage and clutters the work site. A third option — using the existing parameters and making the weld anyway — possibly compromises the quality of the weld and can lead to an expensive repair. The XMT WCC System eliminates all these issues.

Built specifically for the construction and shipbuilding industries, the system is also available with the Dimension NT multiprocess welder.

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